About us

Avantage inspect
    Avantage Inspect LLC is a dynamically developing company with highly qualified specialists which have many years of experience in the market of services of forwarding oil-bearing products, grain and oil cargoes, operating its own fleet of grain wagons, forwarding transit and container shipments. We have the software and technology necessary for effective management of logistics flows.

    Avantage Inspect LLC has a unique experience for Ukraine in the field of transportation of grain and oilseeds, as well as other types of cargo:
    1. Forwarding transportation of grain and oil cargoes including using its own fleet of grain wagons;
    2. Forwarding transportation of petroleum products (including liquefied petroleum gas);
    3. Export deliveries of goods to EU countries by rail;
    4. Integrated forwarding of transit cargo transportation (CIS countries, EU);
    5. Forwarding container traffic (export, import, stuffing);
    6. Freight-forwarding of road transport (export, import);
    7. Certification of goods (transporting by rail and road);
    8. Fumigation of freights;
    9. Shipping agency services;
    10. Customs brokerage services (export, import, transit).